NILLKIN Magic Disk III wireless charger and Receiver for iPhone 6/6S Plus Features:

  • PU leather texture surface rounded by metal border presenting classic business taste while slim and thin 
  • Round intelligent soft blue light indicator while charging, fancy during dark night 
  • WPC QI compliant wireless charging inductive coil with high efficiency and good consistency 
  • Using WPC QI standard technology with efficiency up to 70%, almost as efficient as cable charging, stop charging when the battery is full 
  • Latest WPC QI standard FOD first weight function to intelligently identify metal objects to avoid system over heating or overloading 
  • Works with any Qi-compatible devices, including devices with built-in Qi wireless receivers and devices equipped with protective case with built-in wireless receivers

NILLKIN Magic Disk III wireless charger and receiver for iPhone 6/6S Plus Details:

  • Wireless Charging: Start charging when you place down any Qi-enabled devices or devices equipped with Qi-compatible back cover. No cables or USB interface required. (Do first connect this charger with a source power using 2A adapter which the pack DOES NOT included)
  • Slim round portable Qi standard wireless charger pad, compatible with various kinds of Qi-enabled smartphones and devices, such as iphone 6/6s, equipped with a cover which has built-in Qi wireless charging receiver
  • Fantasy blue indicator light round the charger, classic PU leather texture surface, exquisite metal round border
  • Intelligent Recognition, latest WPC Qi standard FOD first weight identification function which can intelligently recognize metal objects so as to avoid its system over heating or overloading
  • Fast and safety charging, Parameters: Input 5V/2A, Output 5V/1A; Pack includes: 1x Wireless Charger, 1x USB cable and 1x User manual

How NILLKIN Magic Disk III wireless charger Words (Video):

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